HR – helping you maximise the biggest cost on your P&L

HR – helping you maximise the biggest cost on your P&L

Often business owners think that having an HR Consultant is an unnecessary cost –  a last resort when things go pear shaped and you need some urgent employee relations advice.  However, like a good accountant, a good HR Consultant provides you with so much more more.

When I work with clients, I want to know about their business – their vision, values, what great customer service looks like and their goals so that I can proactively work with them to get the very best out of their people.   Your payroll costs are often the biggest cost on your P&L so let me help you optimise this cost.

Here’s how we can work together proactively to grow your business:

  1. Review of your staffing model – will self-employed contractors help you to achieve your business goals or does a cost-versus-benefits analysis show that the best business model is to employ staff?  Do your team need to work fixed hours or do you need a more agile staffing model in-line with the changing needs of your business.  Whatever the answer, I always focus on the commercials first so that I can provide you with the right HR advice.
  2. Creation of bespoke contracts and policies and procedures to protect your business and safeguard your clients. This is without doubt the best way to minimise employment relations issues escalating and if you do need to manage someone’s performance it’s easier to do so with robust employee policies as it’s all there in black and white.   Most disputes often arise because someone doesn’t understand what is required of them and if you are ever in the unfortunate position of having to defend your actions in an Employment Tribunal, the clearer your policies are and the more you can point towards how an employee didn’t comply with these then the better your defence and chances of success.
  3. The skills and behaviours your employees need to demonstrate to be successful. This should be the foundation for how you attract, retain, develop and reward your employees.   My advice is that before you recruit, you should always think about what ‘good looks like’ not just in terms of what technical or creative skills your team need but their behaviours too.    You’ll want to ensure that your employees can provide  personalised customer experiences that inspire, educate and delight your customers.    This is what will keep your clients coming back, help you recruit new customers and ultimately grow your brand and profits.   Your people are your competitive advantage and make the difference between a good salon or store and a great one.
  4. Creation of recruitment adverts, job descriptions and recruitment and selection toolkits – these help you attract and recruit team members who demonstrate these skills and behaviours. Have you ever hired someone who is technically brilliant but who cannot relate to customers; is difficult to work with and just can’t follow rules?    This is why ensuring the right balance between skills and behaviours is crucial for your business.
  5. Performance management toolkits – practical and easy to implement toolkits that help you to identify each team member’s unique skills and motivators so that you can tap into these and adapt your leadership style to provide personalised coaching, feedback and development. Forget lengthy management theories, personality assessments or engagement surveys, this is an easy to implement way of getting the most out of your employees and motivating them to feel and deliver their best.
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