Change Leadership – why does it often derail?

Change Leadership – why does it often derail?

Q: What are the biggest barriers to embedding change and business transformation?

A: One of the biggest de-railers is failing to communicate change effectively so that every employee understands why change needs to happen. Without the ‘why’ people won’t embrace it. Frame why change needs to happen and what will happen if change doesn’t take place. Explain the changes that are taking place in the industry, changing consumer preferences and competitor activity.

Repeat the message regularly, check your team’s understanding, ask ‘what haven’t I explained to you?’, ‘what questions do you have that I haven’t answered?’, ‘What are your concerns?’, ‘What ideas do you have to improve our competitive advantage, provide increased customer service, drive organisational agility?’, ‘What’s getting in the way of our success?’

The second common reason for why change fails is your management team isn’t on board with the change, leading from the front and role modelling the right behaviours. Meet with your management team one-to-one, consider the change from their perspective. How does it impact their current position?, their span of control? and how does it align with their personal values and career aspirations? Encourage them to tell you like it is. What concerns do they have about the impact on people and operations that you haven’t considered or fully planned for?

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