Retail Talent

Retail Talent

Q.What should be action point no. 1 of my retail people strategy?

  • Define the unique skills and behaviours that your employees need to demonstrate to provide authentic, personalised customer experiences that educate and inspire and help customers navigate seamlessly across all distribution channels.

Q.Why is this so important?

  • The age of cash and wrap is dead and traditional retail skill-sets are defunct. The rise of digital and the slow-down in physical stores means that today’s retail advisors have to fulfil many different roles.  They need to be events and business development experts, driving footfall into store and organising outreach events for local businesses and groups; customer relationship experts focussed on delivering personalised and inspirational in-store experiences to increase customer loyalty; digital experts, up-to-date with the latest influencers and trends, and consumer insights specialists, spotting local relevancy opportunities and disrupting the customer journey in-store with impactful visual merchandising and POS messaging.
  • This  new retail skill-sets requires a thorough over-haul of traditional job descriptions and person specifications with a talent framework that under-pins the way that your Company attracts, retains, develops and reward employees who demonstrate these skills and behaviours.
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